What is Gaiacoin?

Gaiacoin is digital currency issued and sold by Gaiacoin.com. The purpose of Gaiacoin is to explore new models of financing environmental friendly projects.  Gaiacoin can be traded at Gaiacoinexchange.com.

My name is Shen Zhou, I am creator of Gaiacoin and founder of Gaiacoin.com and Gaicoinexchange.com

It is disappointing and frustrating to know that most governments on the earth have failed to tackle environmental problems. Despite fast pace growing of green technologies and green industry, business models of green industry mainly depend on government subsidy.

I propose a new alternative to tackle the earth’s environmental problems. The answer is Gaiacoin, it is a unique kind of digital currency. It is sold initially at Gaiacoin.com at universal acceptable price, the Gaiacoins can be traded at Gaiacoinexchange.com. The uniqueness of Gaiacoin is that all profits sold at Gaiacoin.com will be allocated to invest in wide varieties of environmental friendly projects. Unlike donations to non-profit green NGOs, buyers of Gaiacoins will benefit from free trading and speculating of Gaiacoins at http://www.gaiacoinexchange.com . In essence Gaiacoin is created as a fiscal leverage for all people who are concerned about any environmental issues. Intension of Gaiacoin creation is to include all humanity, whether you are global warming skeptics, environmentalists or you are neither of which. Join us to fuse your environmental concerns with Gaiacoin, the concerns could be anything, it could be local pollutions or global environment threats. If you have no interests in environment issues buy Gaiacoin as an investment, it is good investment in long term as Gaiacoin is valued in proportion to its rarity.

Existing environmental friendly lifestyles are not always financially affordable and accessible to everyone. Gaiacoin provide an platform for every individuals to be part of very big environmental friendly project by purchasing Gaiacoin at http://www.gaiacoin.com and meanwhile buyers could benefit from free speculating and trading of Gaiacoins at www.gaiacoinexchange.com

There are 7,176,023,055 Gaiacoins in total and this number is diminishing at 2.449 Gaiacoins per second. The number is also entire human population estimated on mid-year of 2014 (http://www.census.gov/population/international/data/worldpop/table_population.php ). It is well known that all environmental issues are intentionally and unintentionally caused by humankind, each human has its role as perpetrator on environmental issues today.  Growing human population is the most potent stress factor on the earth’s environment. Choosing global human population as total number of Gaiacoin is proportional representation of fundamental cause and scale of environmental issues. It is also founder’s appeal to encourage every individual on the earth to possess a Gaiacoin.

Human population is growing at about 2.499 people per second. As more people will deplete more natural resources, hence cause more environmental issues. Thus founder decided to reduce total Gaiacoin numbers at 2.449 Gaiacoins per second. The reduction rate reflects reality that larger population demands more natural resources hence worsening environment. (No intension to reduce human population by genocide, in the contrary we should utilize advantages of human population and work cooperatively to face global environmental challenges by promoting Gaiacoin.)


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